Unchained Music

Token Use

(February 10th, 2022)
These token uses are proposed by the team at this time, and do not represent a promise that any or all of these use cases will be built out in any specified period of time, or at all. Unchained Music will most likely partner with a separate organization to create, issue, and manage our token in the interest of maximal transparency for our community.
  • Staking/Liquidity Providing
  • Paying for access to the Royalty Tool or upgraded tiers on the platform
  • Rewards for locking royalties beyond the minimum balance in the music distribution system
  • Use tokens for discounted label services
  • Use tokens to pay down royalty advances
  • Use of tokens for discounted premium services (ie. upgraded analytics, etc)
  • Stake tokens to provide services on the peer-to-peer marketplace
  • Earn tokens for providing services in the marketplace
  • Artist and project grants that benefit the system
  • Incentivization of valuable actions (ie. promoters inviting people that release with us, releasing their first song, etc.)
  • Potential for decentralized A&R process or decentralized label w/ artist returns being put back in the system