Unchained Music


(February 10th, 2023)
This roadmap is intended to give a general idea of where Unchained Music is going with development. Dates are intended to be a guideline rather than a hard deadline. As we continue to build, projects will be updated, more goals will be added, and delivery dates will be changed.

Q1 2022

  • Deployment of Closed Beta Distribution Platform for Artists
  • Expand Team
  • Deployment of Documents

Q2 2022

  • Build out tech support systems
  • Exploration of sync licensing
  • Exploration of publishing
  • Exploration of additional partnership opportunities

Q3 2022

  • Start Analytics Integration
  • Deploy Initial Label Services
  • Integration with Circle for Bank Payouts
  • Integration with Plaid for Bank Payouts
  • Integration for Borderless for Worldwide Bank Payouts

Q4 2022

  • Basic Royalty Reporting
  • Gradual Opening of Beta
  • Expand Team
  • Initial Deployment of Royalty Advances
  • Bank Payouts Live
  • Automation of back-end monetary systems

Q1 2023

  • Deployment of Playlist Support
  • Launch Open Beta
  • Launch of "Grow" Tier
  • Royalty Analytics Platform Live

Q2 2023

  • Deployment of AI Mastering Services
  • Deployment of AI Mixing Services
  • Enterprise Solution Deployment
  • Integration with Circle's USDC payouts
  • Artist and Label Services
  • Advanced Analytics Deployment
  • First Integrations of Web3 DSPs into App

Q3 2023

  • Token Offering
  • Royalty Splits
  • White-label Distribution
  • Launch of "Pro" Tier

Q4 2023

  • On-Chain Licensing

2024 and Beyond

  • Sample Marketplace Deployment