Unchained Music

Matthew Busch

Chief Operations Officer
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthew-busch-95824a215/ Matthew Busch is a lifelong musician. From singing in choirs as a child, earning his master’s degree, working as an educator and performer, directing ensembles of all sizes to running a music production and entertainment company, Matthew has over a decade of experience organizing, coordinating and working alongside all types of people. Matthew brings this experience to the software development realm, and understands full well how dynamic and constantly changing the current landscape is. At Unchained Music, the goal is to balance efficiency and agility with keeping the production team energized, creative, and eager to learn, in order to deliver consistent, valuable increments of working pieces of software. Establishing a company ethos is paramount, so that every member of the team has no reservations to contribute their opinion, a clear understanding of company goals and values, and a safe environment for feedback and reflection. This method is broadened to the company as a whole, building production teams with a variety of skill sets to encourage cross-departmental communication and collaboration. Whether it’s a professional orchestra or software development company, every member is integral to the success of the whole (except the trombones).
Matthew knows full well how difficult it is to be an independent musician today — barriers of entry and gatekeepers seem to appear at every corner, standing in their way of reaching a larger audience. The mission at Unchained Music is to tip the scales back in the artist’s favor, especially in developing or marginalized communities, providing them with effective, transparent opportunities to further their career, thus creating a more equitable landscape for the music industry as a whole.