Unchained Music

Label Services

(July 25th, 2022)
Label Services are a fundamental building block of our more robust peer-to-peer platform. This deployment will give access to creative services, playlist pitching, PR services, and advertising for artists and labels on the platform. It is our intention to build this within Circle’s USDC ecosystem. The advantages of using USDC to transact include removing volatility for crypto payments, allows Unchained Music to accept Credit, Debit, Bank Transfers, and Bank Wires, and hedges against potential stablecoin regulation in the United States by working with the most reputable company issuing a centralized stablecoin today. Future iterations of the label services platform will allow the Unchained Music token to be used for discounts on these services. During this initial deployment we will start to deploy our V1 smart-contracts, which will be built with the intention to allow other service providers, musicians, and other creatives to operate within the peer-to-peer platform upon launch in 2023.