Scott Ashby

Chief Marketing Officer

LinkedIn: Started out running music festivals in London. Went on to work for Metropolis Studios (Londons biggest recording studio) followed on by becoming a digital project manager for Warner Music Group. Went on to found an artist management company and creative agency. Delivered multiple digital projects for Universal Music, Sony, Adidas & Red Bull and worked on Artist Brand partnerships for LG. We manage multiple international artists, both singed to major labels and indies. The biggest of them having a combined active fan base of over 7 million. We oversee all aspects of the career from marketing, deal negotiation, world tours etc. Moved into the music / nft / blockchain space in early 2020 and delivered the first nft integrated music video, which was featured in Forbes. Ultimately dedicated the rest of career to the integration of music / web3 / defi. Got introduced to Unchained through Charged Particles and fell in love with the protocol immediately. Current focus is to bring main stream music industry awareness to the platform over 2022 and build strategy to directly target both web3 and non web3 orientated musicians.

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