Unchained Music


How can I get $NOISE? You can get $NOISE by participating in the community Discord, discord.gg/sZsaKTy4SM, the events posted there, or by joining the beta and releasing music at unchainedmusic.io. We will also airdrop $NOISE tokens for various other things are our discretion.
Does $NOISE have value? $NOISE is a social token that is made specifically to reward early contributors to the Unchained Music ecosystem. It does not have a financial value, but may have utility in some form within the ecosystem. Is $NOISE tradeable? $NOISE is a standard ERC-20 token, so it is tradeable. That being said, Unchained Music will not deploy liquidity to allow it to be traded through a DEX. Any pools that you see should be assumed to be scams and you should avoid them. Will $NOISE have an ICO or token sale? No. Anyone selling this token is part of a scam. We will directly reward contributors in $NOISE, and will never sell it. Will $NOISE be provided to the team or investors? No. This will be a token purely held by the community. Investors and the team will not hold any $NOISE. So, what can I do with $NOISE? Stay tuned.