Unchained Music

Peer to Peer Marketplace

(July 25th, 2022)
Good to know! We envision a platform where creatives can collaborate without expensive middlemen, and that incentivizes collaboration.


The peer to peer marketplace is a smart-contract based collaborative space where different service providers are able to offer needed marketing, mixing and mastering, creative, and other necessary services for development of the music industry.


We anticipate offering payment to service providers in USDC, fiat, and in our native token. On every transaction, there will be a small tax that will go back to Unchained Music for building and administering the system, while users are able to work directly with providers at a steep discount compared to other providers in the music services space.

Smart Contract Arbitration

With any sort of service system, disputes will arise. The smart contracts that are being built are based on the escrow system established by LocalCryptos, which allows two parties to negotiate in a secured space, with all payment being held in escrow until services are rendered. If there is a dispute that arises, there will be an ability for a moderator to step in and render judgement based on the service provided, information in the chat, and evidence provided by both parties.